No manual entry for alias

Documentation - missing man pages of some commands - Unix If one or more key arguments are provided, then only the entries that match the supplied keys will be displayed. No manual entry for alias. The same thing goes for export and eval. At first I thought it only happens to shell built-in commands but man echo.

Funny UNIX Commands - TBI The getent command displays entries from databases supported by the Name Service Switch libraries, which are confured in /etc/ Why not? No match. % gotta lht? No match. % !1984 1984 Event not. opener not found; % alias alias alias. No manual entry for woman.

Getent1 - Linux manual page - Ahostsv6 Same as ahosts, but use the address family AF_INET6. Otherwise, if no key is provided, all entries will be displayed unless the database does. getaliasent3, and endaliasent3 to enumerate the aliases database.

No manual entry for alias:

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