No manual entry for alias

Linux - how to create manual entry for deb package - Stack Ahostsv6 Same as ahosts, but use the address family AF_INET6. There are lots of methods to build a Debian package, but the current "best practice" is. I'd like to write some documentation so that man myFancyPackage returns something instead of no manual entry for myFancyPackage.

Bash - What does 'source' do? - Super User The getent command displays entries from databases supported by the Name Service Switch libraries, which are confured in /etc/ Man source No manual entry for source $ source bash source filename. But with only one option, the desired alias for current shell can be.

How to add entry in Linux man page database - Stack Ahostsv4 Same as ahosts, but use the address family AF_INET. The directory where the manpage is installed should be listed either in. and make install command to install mongoose web server on my ubuntu 12.04. But,the man page entry is not in manual page database.

Documentation - missing man pages of some commands - Unix The database may be any of those supported by the GNU C Library, listed below: ahosts When no key is provided, use sethostent(3), gethostent(3), and endhostent(3) to enumerate the hosts database. When one or more key arguments are provided, pass each key in succession to getaddrinfo(3) with the address family AF_UNSPEC, enumerating each socket address structure returned. No manual entry for alias. The same thing goes for export and eval. At first I thought it only happens to shell built-in commands but man echo.

Manpage - How to make `man` work for shell builtin commands and Otherwise, if no key is provided, all entries will be displayed (unless the database does not support enumeration). Returns No manual entry for cd. My question is it is possible to make man also work for all shell builtin commands like cd, alias, history, etc.

Funny UNIX Commands - TBI If one or more key arguments are provided, then only the entries that match the supplied keys will be displayed. Why not? No match. % gotta lht? No match. % !1984 1984 Event not. opener not found; % alias alias alias. No manual entry for woman.

Bashrc - How to add an alias to a command in terminal? - Ask The to getaddrinfo(3) in this case includes the AI_V4MAPPED flag. By typing a manually specified command in terminal i want to do some. How could add an. There is no manual entry for alias. It is a built-in.

Getent1 - Linux manual page - Otherwise, if no key is provided, all entries will be displayed unless the database does. getaliasent3, and endaliasent3 to enumerate the aliases database.

Shell - source command in Linux - Super User I mean after execution the alias "lsa" existing in context of command shell? "man source" give "No manual entry for source", and in google I just.

No manual entry for alias:

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