Yepp yp 55 manual

YP-P3JCB Reset Your Player - samsung product support network Note 3: Please remember that as with all such posting on the web, I am simply sharing what worked for me. YP-P3JCB Reset Your Player. To reset your player, use a thin pointed object such as a paper clip to press the reset hole on the back or bottom.

SERVICE Manual - Rockbox Note 2: Although the instructions below indicate that you can only use tcctools with Windows, the author of tcctools indicates that the utility can be compiled with Linux… Model Code YP-S3JCB/EDC. YEPP. Refer to the service manual in the GSPN. FM Radio. FM Frequency. 87.5~108.0MHz. FM Snal to. Noise Ratio. 55 dB.

All Samsung Service Manuals - Samsung - abiforums - Anything But. Note 1: Since the middle of September 2008, there have been mixed reports as to the success of this method: some people have reported having trouble, others a flawless experience (see the comments at the end of this page—and please report your experience so others can get a sense of the likelihood of success). This thread aims to gather as many service manuals for Samsung. I tried opening the YP-Z5 doc in a window just to have a quick look see.

Download Section - CCz_Cataphract's YP-55 Support Site Meaning you may not even need a windows machine (see comment 21). A site meant to help people get the most out of their Yepp MP3 Players. New Firmware, FAQ. In Recovery Mode See Forum/Latest Firmware Section/Manual.

Samsung - Dital Audio Player Yepp user manual, operation. I gathered this information from other sites and posted it as a mnemonic for myself. YP-100; korean ver.1.0 - KOREAN SOUTH KOREA. 9, YP-20S; Europe ver.1.0 - DUTCH SWITZERLAND, CHINA, GERMANY, SPAIN, FRANCE, UNITED.

Samsung Yepp iPods & MP3 Players eBay I don’t know why this is—it could be that Samsung has changed something on the device in some to stop people from reflashing the firmware, for example. SAMSUNG YEPP YP-55 MP3 PLAYER - FM RADIO VOICE RECORDER. .00. Comes with both CD software and instruction user manual. Item and all it's.

Samsung YP-U6 Review - YouTube Once again: if you try this out, please report your results below so others can gauge how likely they are to have success. ABI Samsung YP-U6 Review by lebellium Firmware 1.09 Music PeerGynt Lobogris 1 Under the Moon Short Version 2 Souls of Gaia.

Yepp yp 55 manual:

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