Programing manual for the amd cs5536

Lists. These represent problem reports covering all versions including experimental development code and obsolete releases. Description -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o ports/148207 stas [PATCH] lang/sbcl: update to f ports/148206 miwi [patch] databases/pecl-memcache - fix delete with rece o i386/148204 i386 UDP NFS causes overload o ports/148203 makc irc/kvirc-* vulnerabilities o ports/148202 glewis [PATCH] java/openjdk6: update to b20 o stand/148201 standards core dump (Error 10) while trying to install packages o ports/148200 mm [patch] fix multimedia/ffmpeg build on powerpc64 o ports/148199 kde [patch] fix build for x11-toolkits/qt4-gui on powerpc6 o ports/148198 [MAINTAINER UPDATE] sysutils/rdup: update to 1.1.7 o ports/148197 ehaupt misc/ddate port reverted to an older version o ports/148196 mm devel/binutils: nores libmap.conf(5) or missing *@GL f ports/148195 [patch] fix \ prefixed mapping for textproc/scim-kmfl- o ports/148191 makc sysutils/ldap-account-manager version update o ports/148190 portmgr [patch] Fix some spelling and grammar mistakes in bsd. Kld patch the kldstat2 manual needs to be more p. patch amd8 causes annoying "embedded. geode patch AMD Geode CS5536 watchdog9 not.

Cal Manual (Note: an HTML version of this report is available at The following is a listing of current problems submitted by Free BSD users. Contents and specifications within this manual are subject of change without notice. out of or in connection with this user's guide or any other information. Coupled with the AMD Geode CS5536 companion device, the.

EBX-11 Reference Manual O ports/148098 new port: math/x12arima o ports/148097 emulation [patch] suggested addition to linux_base-* packages to o ports/148096 naddy archivers/xz: packages linux_base-* can not be built f o ports/148095 x11 Regression / bug in x11/xorg-server o ports/148094 roam Add gssapi support to ftp/curl o kern/148091 ipfw ipv6 handling broken. AMD LX 800 Based SBC with. AMD LX 800 microcontroller with CS5536 companion chip. EBX-11 – – – – EBX-11 Reference Manual

Freebsd-bugs - Current problem reports - O ports/148010 bug in net/freeswitch-core o ports/148009 miwi [patch] port graphics/pear-Image_Graph fix php53 issue o ports/148007 [UPDATE] arabic/kacst_fonts o ports/148006 stas Update of devel/ocaml-camomile to 0.7.3 o ports/148005 mm [patch] devel/binutils: add gold option o kern/148004 net [em] Inconsistent networking with em driver on Free BSD f amd64/148002 amd64 [boot] panic / page fault while booting from install d o kern/147998 NFS -mapall permissions nored when -network is f ports/147997 [UPDATE] Update mail/dovecot-sieve to 0.1.17 f ports/147996 [UPDATE] Update mail/dovecot to 1.2.12 o docs/147995 doc elf.5 man page has has missing reference o ports/147994 [PATCH] www/scloader: update to 0.32 f ports/147993 [patch] mail/dkim-milter -- plist problems o conf/147992 [termcap] [patch] xterm-256color is a 8 colors termina o kern/147989 net [em] em Receive errors / CRC Errors / Alnment Errors f ports/147988 glewis [PATCH] mail/dovecot: pre-install - pre-su-install o ports/147987 ftp/hsftp update o ports/147986 wosch ports-mg/portcheckout doesn't resolve all dependenci o kern/147985 net [alc] alc network driver tso ( vlan ? KOI8-R.msg: update Russian libc NLS cata f ports/147982 [patch] multimedia/xmms-weasel fix depends o ports/147981 [patch] multimedia/xmms-status-plugin fix depends o ports/147979 netchild [patch] mail/claws-mail: Unrecognized options passed t f ports/147977 [patch] irc/ratbox-services mark MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE o ports/147975 itetcu [patch] audio/xmms-curses fix depends f ports/147973 [patch] audio/xmmsctrl fix depends o ports/147972 mm [PATCH] databases/adodb5: update to 5.11 f ports/147970 net/quagga: Ipv6 addresses cannot be assned to inter o ports/147968 makc Port updates: games/afternoonstalker, games/burgerspac f ports/147967 edwin Port update: devel/flatzebra - Update to v0.1.5 f amd64/147963 amd64 cpu l2 cache error o kern/147961 crash when forwarding enabled between two Broadcom car o ports/147958 [MAINTAINER] sysutils/luckybackup: Update to 0.4.0 o ports/147957 perl lang/rakudo update to 2010.06 "Kiev" o ports/147956 gerald emulators/wine: add missing dependency p5-XML-Lib XML o ports/147955 demon misc/nagios-base-logos: Some Icons have white boxes ar o kern/147950 virtualization[vimage] [carp] VIMAGE CARP = kernel crash o docs/147946 doc Something strange in the updating/upgrading section of o ports/147944 [NEW PORT] net/gogoc: Gogo CLIENT, which is needed to c o ports/147943 New port: net/radsecproxy Radsecproxy is a generic RAD o ports/147942 www/moinmoin sends wrong http header when in editor mo f ports/147941 mm [PATCH] textproc/pootle: update to 2.0.4 o kern/147940 mounting 1k TCP-NFS mounts fails o bin/147938 ioctl sn-extension warnings from some commands on o ports/147936 New port: sysutils/dtpstree Display a tree of processe f ports/147935 niels [MAINTAINER] security/botan: update to 1.8.9 o bin/147934 [patch] top(1) lies about system uptime o ports/147930 [ports] maintainer update: devel/google-perftools p kern/147929 mav [hptiop] Hh Point Rocket RAID 3xxx/4xxx driver broken o kern/147926 [hang] system freezes due to heavy io to the disks r ports/147925 portmgr Repocopy request to copy sysutils/idled to sysutils/do f ports/147922 [PATCH] audio/aumix: update to 2.9.1 f ports/147921 add reload command to rc script of audio/icecast2 o docs/147920 doc [patch] Porter's Handbook Java versions are out of dat o conf/147919 services(5) wrong IANA entry for radius-acct o ports/147917 wxs [PATCH] net/isc-dhcp41-server: not all man pages are i f ports/147916 [PATCH] net/empty: update to 0.6.18b o ports/147915 dinoex net-mg/xymon-client: xymon client does not report fu f bin/147914 gpart(8): gpart add invalid type o i386/147912 i386 [boot] Free BSD 8 Beta won't boot on Thinkpad i1300 11 o ports/147911 [PATCH] net-im/ejabberd: update to 2.1.4 f ports/147907 [patch] www/tclhttpd don't hardcode -j2 o ports/147906 kuriyama security/gnupg: Incorrect Package dependency o kern/147903 fs [zfs] [panic] Kernel panics on faulty zfs device o ports/147902 miwi File not installed in devel/pear-Console_Command Line o ports/147901 perl [PATCH] lang/parrot update port to 2.5.0 o ports/147899 fluffy [NEW PORT] multimedia/kplayer-kde4: Movie player based o ports/147898 [patch] sysutils/uhidd: open /usr/local/etc/o ports/147897 hrs net/openbgpd: Openbgp nexthop invalid after em0 resett o ports/147895 [MAINTAINER] sysutils/fusefs-mhddfs: update to 0.1.35 o kern/147894 IPv6-in-IPv4 does not work inside an ESP-only IPsec tu o www/147892 www website switch to mobile mode for webkit b p kern/147890 kib [ufs] [regression] ufs-related lock problem in RELENG_ o ports/147889 New port: devel/maven-ant-tasks Allows Maven's handlin o bin/147887 [patch] Invalid extension type displayed with setkey(8 a ports/147884 jpaetzel [PATCH] devel/popt: update to 1.16 o ports/147882 Maintainer Update: games/ninix-aya to 4.0.7 o kern/147881 ZFS "sharenfs" doesn't allow different "exports" optio o ports/147879 [MAINTAINER] www/validator: update to 1.0 o ports/147878 rene [MAINTAINER] devel/doxygen: update to 1.7.0 s ports/147875 dougb [NEW PORT] dns/bind10: The BIND DNS Suite 10 (Developm f ports/147873 [PATCH] mail/mail-notification: [fix broken icons] o ports/147872 uqs [PATCH] graphics/feh: update to 1.7 o ports/147871 [maintainer update][patch]Update port: www/ziproxy to o ports/147870 Port update: devel/tbb - Update to v3.0 o ports/147869 wxs [PATCH] net/isc-dhcp41-server add LDAP confuration s o ports/147868 [MAINTAINER] japanese/ja-ibus-skk: update to 0.0.8 o ports/147866 miwi [Maintainer Update] converters/bsdconv and its family o ports/147865 [maintainer-update] Updating devel/libconf to v.1.4. Subject Current problem reports Date Index Thread Prev Next Thread Index Note an HTML version of this report is available at.

Programing manual for the amd cs5536:

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